Mazatlan Hoteliers call on authorities to reinforce road safety


Julio Birrueta said that to this day there is no report that tourists have been scammed in the road section of southern Sinaloa, however, you should not lower your guard.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Given the situation of federal authorities that indicated that the road section of southern Sinaloa is high risk and unsafe, Julio Birrueta, president of Hotels and Tourism Companies in Mazatlan, said that so far have no reports that tourists who arrive to Mazatlan by road have suffered some mishap.

The hotel entrepreneur called the federal authorities to guarantee security in this route, since at the moment no report has been presented; However, you should not lower your guard, since a large number of people are passing through the area and thus avoid being taken by criminals.

“We request that, in response to this report, the security protocol be reinforced, fortunately so far we have not had any comments and if we have had very active weekends, this month and last May”.

Julio Birrueta added that until now the hotel occupancy remains at good levels, so he trusts that the corresponding authorities will best attend to the security issue, not only in Mazatlan but throughout Sinaloa, to achieve good results, with zero criminal reports or accidents, so that the families that arrive to the different destinations manage to reach their entity in safety .

Source: linea directa

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