Mazatlan: Playa Gaviotas acquires certification and Verde Camacho could be next


They plan to certify one or two more beaches in Mazatlan, they would start with water monitoring in September

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Mazatlan already has the Gaviotas beach certification for recreational use and, according to the preliminary results of the audit, the favorable opinion for Verde Camacho beach will be given in another month, with 6 kilometers of conservation use, which recorded a better evaluation than last year; informed the director of Operator and Administrator of Beaches, Rogelio Olivas Osuna .

He said that the possibility of increasing the certification of the Camacho Verde Beach is analyzed, as well as requesting the distinction of one or two more Mazatlan beaches.

He commented that a week ago there were auditors from the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification, who for 10 days made field trips and reviewed the documentation of the Playa Camacho beach, which obtained an evaluation superior to that of last year in terms of cleaning, water quality, environmental education and adjacent areas, such as estuaries, mangroves and Tortuguero fields.

He said that no dangerous or hazardous waste was found in the 6 kilometers of beach.

As for Gaviotas beach, he added that there is already the recognition of the Certifying Institute that it is a clean area, which meets the standards established in the official NOM-MX120 standard.

Currently working in areas of opportunity in coordination with the hotel sector and service providers, to maintain the certification next year of Gaviotas beach.

He said that this month will have to be defined if the certification of one or two more beaches of Mazatlan is requested, to start monitoring water quality from September, the process of which covers three months, and then the auditors would come.

We did very well with Verde Camacho, it was better evaluated than last year, we only had 2 areas of opportunity that we are going to work: a description of everything that is the fauna that is in the surrounding area and a suggestion box that we have What to implement in the area.

Rogelio Olivas Osuna

He pointed out that the same auditors were the ones who suggested increasing the certification of the Camacho Verde beach since it currently has level 1; However, he added, the possibilities of economic and human resources will have to be analyzed.

It is not just to raise the standards, but also what next-level entails, wear of the ladies who perform the cleaning and also see in the economic, how much it entails to have 6 kilometers of conservation beach in level 2.

Osuna Olives


567 meters is the certified area of ​​Gaviotas beach for recreational use.

6,040 meters is the extension of the Camacho Verde beach, as a priority for conservation.


Gaviotas Beach: Recreational use, White Flag, Level I.

Playa Verde Camacho: Priority for conservation, White Flag, Level I.


Gaviotas Beach: June 20, 2013

Verde Camacho achieves its conditional certification in August 2011 and is ratified on October 5, 2012.