New Mayor will put a stop to the noise in the public transport of Mazatlán


Roads and Transport seeks that the tourist understands and respects the rules that exist around noise during their rides on public transport.

MAZATLÁN.- Mazatlán is known for being a sun and beach destination for the whole family; However, there are those who come to enjoy their vacations in a big way and, sometimes, they do not measure themselves in their actions, such as walking along the boardwalk or historical points, on public transport, with music up to the top and under the influence. of alcohol, something that not everyone approves of due to the noise, risks and dangers. 

Faced with this situation, the Delegation of Roads and Transportation will meet with all the transport leaders to analyze this noise problem, since it was one of the factors rated by the tourist with an opportunity to improve, in the last summer study. 

The delegate of this unit, Jesús Ernesto Sandoval Landeros, commented that he will also hold meetings with all the drivers, since they are responsible for the units and those who must educate the tourist who asks them to turn up the music, arguing that there are rules that must be met. 

“Tourism also has to understand the rules that exist regarding boarding a unit, we must inform them of the rules that exist regarding sound; We cannot say, Mazatlán, it is true, it is a center of entertainment, but it also has rules and we are going to implement these gradually with education, ”he commented. 


For his part, the president of the Pulmonia Alliance, Mariano Ortega Vizcarra, commented that regarding noise in transport, it was one of the concerns expressed by the tourist in the summer study, although they had no complaints. 

“It is something that we have been working on for a year and it has worked, despite the fact that the tourism that comes to Mazatlán, commented on it in the survey, comes to party, comes to hear the band, Mazatlán is an icon in terms of music and they come to have fun,” he said. 

The leader added that drivers are asked not to increase sound levels so as not to generate disagreements and it has given very good results. 


The Mazatlan Post