Federal Police destroy 70 TONS OF MARIJUANA IN SONORA


The plant that the federal police located in the municipality of Álamos, had an area of ​​18 thousand square meters

Mexico City.- Elements of the Regional Security Division of the Federal Police in the municipality of Álamos in Sonora, eradicated a crop of more than 230 thousand marijuana plants.

From research work, federal agents deployed an operation in the ejido La Mina, on the banks of the El Fuerte river, where it was located in cultivation.

The Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), reported that the members of the corporation traveled approximately 8 kilometers on a dirt road at the edge of the storm channel, until detecting an irregular terrain of 225 meters long by 80 wide, with an approximate surface of 18 thousand square meters in which green plants were cultivated with the physical characteristics of marijuana.

First, the destruction was carried out by manual labor and then 234 thousand plants were incinerated, whose weight as a whole was 70 thousand 200 kilograms, according to the SSPC.

The authorities took representative samples of the presumed drug to be made available to the Federal Public Ministry Agent, where it is expected that the investigations to disclaim responsibility will continue.

Source: aztecanoticias

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