Maximum capacity continues at 60% in Mazatlan


The Senior Official reported that during the operation carried out this “long” weekend, only two bars that did not have their sanitizing mat were fined.

Mazatlan Sinaloa-. The capacity in restaurants, clubs, bars, and nightclubs in Mazatlán will continue at 60 percent, there is no change at the moment, announced the Senior Official, Nayla Velarde Narváez.

He reported that they carried out an intense operation this “long” weekend both in the Center, Olas Altas, Avenida del Mar, Zona Dorada, and Marina, where he issued only two fines, especially from two bars that did not have their sanitizing mat well. and they all did very well.

He added that the owners and managers of the clubs, nightclubs, and restaurants complied with the instructions to strengthen the protocols to avoid further contagion in the city.

Questioned if the protocols will be restricted when the orange traffic light comes into force in the state, Velarde Narváez indicated that for the moment they are fine and are having a very good response from the businessmen since it is in everyone’s interest that Mazatlan is well and infections continue to be much lower compared to other tourist destinations.

“In terms of capacity, we remain totally the same until further indications, we are leaving with 60 percent since we are seeing that the people responsible for carrying out the protocols, which are restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping centers are complying with them very well”, manifested.

Por alza de COVID! Regresan los puntos de sanitización y la reducción de  los aforos en Mazatlán

The Mayor of the City Council highlighted that in terms of the epidemiological traffic light, Mazatlan is very respectful of the indications of both the State Health and the Governor, so if infections increase in the city, they will take measures to reduce capacity.


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