Arkansas man reported missing in Mexico returns home


 The Arkansas man that went missing in Mexico last week has returned home safe, according to Tribune affiliate KFSM.

During a news conference on Sunday, June 23, Jessy Pacheco said he blacked out after he was taken and didn’t want to discuss how he was able to get home.

According to reports, Pacheco and his friend Carlos Romero were in Guadalajara, Mexico for his graduation from medical school. After the ceremony, he was reportedly celebrating at a bar called Strana when they both disappeared. Romero was found dead sometime later.

During the news conference on Sunday, Pacheco spoke about his friend.

“I just want to say I would have taken his place,” Pacheco said. “He didn’t deserve it. I didn’t deserve it, either. He was a great guy. Carlos was a close friend of mine. I’m sorry that it happened to him. We prayed a lot for his family.”

The recent grad’s cousins had taken the search for their missing loved into their own hands.

“If nobody’s gonna help us, we gotta help ourselves,” Francine Solis told KFSM-TV. Meanwhile, Pacheco’s other cousin Jeffrey Solis has reached out to the U.S. Embassy and FBI, but apparently have received little assistance.

“The U.S. Embassy said that they couldn’t help because they have no jurisdiction there,” Jeffrey said. “When I contacted the FBI to make this report they said that’s wrong because he’s a U.S. citizen.”

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