Sinaloa natural gas pipeline will reach the state in July


Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel attended Mexico City for the announcement of SENER and CFE to start the gas pipeline

MEXICO CITY.- With the arrival of natural gas in Sinaloa, companies may be retained and new private investments may be attracted to generate jobs and favor economic spillovers in the state, said Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, who before Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel announced that during the second half of July the gas pipeline will begin operations in the main cities of Sinaloa, which will allow its distribution in shops and homes.

This announcement was made at the headquarters of the Energy Regulatory Commission in Mexico City, with the presence also of the director of the Federal Electricity Commission, Jaime Hernández, a parastatal that will be the main client since it will convert the operation of its two thermoelectric plants that operate in Mazatlán and Topolobampo, which will stop using fuel oil to replace it with natural gas.