7 things you did not know about tepache


There is nothing more traditional to refresh you, than a delicious tepache.

The tepache is a 100 percent Mexican millenary drink and although you have tried it for sure, you probably do not know these seven curiosities.

1.- Its name comes from Nahuatl “tepiatli” which means “drink made with corn”, because it was originally prepared from corn.

2.- In countries of central and southern America it is known by the name of   “Chicha”.

3.- It was considered by the Maya as a sacred drink used in religious rituals, where aromatic spices were added in its preparation.

4.- Currently, there are a wide variety of flavors based on guava, apple, tuna, orange and the most popular, pineapple.

5.- Its flavor is similar to beer, but a little sweeter because it is added piloncillo. It is considered an alcoholic beverage, but it barely contains 3% alcohol.

7.- Among its benefits is a diuretic drink, promotes digestion and contains vitamin B and C, in addition, prevents cancer because of its high content of Bromelain, an enzyme that fights cancer cells.

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