Sinaloan Youtuber arrested in Mazatlan for speeding with no license plates at 3 AM


Youtuber Markitos Toys is arrested in Mazatlan for speeding and vehicle without license plates at three in the morning.

Municipal Police agents managed to arrest the YouTuber in the Cerritos area.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Culiacan Youtuber Markitos Toys was detained by agents of the Municipal Police during the early hours of this Sunday, August 9th on the way to Cerritos.

The fact of the arrest was recorded at approximately 03:40 hours when preventive officers arrived on site after the complaint that at least 3 recent model vehicles were being driven at excess speed in this area.

Upon arriving at the scene, the preventive police officers realized that the vehicles did not have license plates and were driven at excess speed.

Faced with this situation, the well-known YouTuber identified himself as Markitos Toys and companions Markitos was arrested and transferred to the court located in the facilities of the public security secretariat in the Citizen Security center in Colonia Huertos Familiares.

The act is considered a fault on the police and good government side and after paying a fine Markitos and his friends were able to go free.

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