Mazatlan Red Eco taxis receive the most complaints


For bullies, they must attend the “escuelita” to take courses and they are mandatory.

The red eco taxis are the ones that have the most complaints and denunciations, to the point of taking away concessions, because their drivers are quarrelsome.

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The delegation of Roads and Transportation of Mazatlan, in charge of Mario Rafael González Sánchez, explained that there was a need for a driver to be discharged, this after beating a security guard from a well-known hotel in the Golden Zone.

And another very notorious case was that of a taxi driver from this same union who, for hitting another car and even pulling out a knife, had his concession taken away, the delegate reported.

Persiguen a balazos a taxista por calles de Mazatlán | Entre Veredas

He said that after this altercation, it comes to light, that the most repeat offenders in complaints are this group of “red taxis”.

Reportan presunto 'bloqueo' de taxistas en plena Zona Dorada | Sinaloa Sur  / Reacción Informativa

He commented that there has been dialogue and the agency has acted in a very tolerant manner, but he warned that they will not let any type of altercation of this type pass.

In relation to the course, he announced that all the members of the unit must attend a course at ICATSIN this coming Monday, which will last 36 hours for new entrants and 24 hours for those who are already admitted and go to renew their card.

Taking the courses “is not up for discussion”, so drivers will have to pass in order to drive the units.

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Mario Rafael González, commented that it is urgent that drivers remain regulated in all aspects and that they know those who are not properly sanctioned and lowered from the units.

Roads and transportation of Mazatlan puts at the hand of citizens to file complaints about any altercation with public service units, the following number with WhatsApp 66-95-33-63-13, where complaints are addressed immediately

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