Tragedy in Mazatlán: A woman and her baby are killed on the Mexico 15 highway


There is no further information about the events that occurred a few minutes ago; Aid bodies are already in the place

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A woman and her little girl, less than 2 years old, died this Tuesday afternoon when they were run over on the Mexico 15 International Highway, south of the city of Mazatlán, in front of the community of La Urraca.

At around 6:28 a.m. on this day, a report was received that the bodies of a woman and a baby were found on the asphalt tape, for which relief bodies went to the scene.

Upon arrival, the paramedics realized that the bodies of both victims were dismembered.

It was reported that after the accident, the bodies of mother and daughter were separated by at least 50 meters.

The alleged perpetrator is the driver of a white taxi from the Villa Unión Syndicate, and he is already in custody. So far the identity of the deceased is unknown.

This afternoon in Culiacán, also a victim of a run over, a woman died in front of a supermarket and a shopping mall located in the  Tres Ríos Urban Development in Culiacán.  The identity of that person has not been released either.

The Mazatlan Post