Mazatlecos distrust the preparation of municipal police officers. How do you rate them? Here the details


Illegal operations and arrests, as well as little or no response to complaints, are some of the factors that have caused them to lose confidence.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The security of cities and their inhabitants is mainly in the hands of the municipal police; however, citizens do not always feel protected by the preventive agents they see in their path on the street or carrying out a particular operation.

Even, far from feeling protected, they distrust the uniformed elements for a series of actions and performances that they carry out in order to fulfill their duty.

Recently, the municipal president of Mazatlán Edgar González Zataráin announced that around 20% of the elements of the Secretary of Public Security have complaints against him for abuse of authority, which he recognized as a factor in losing confidence in the corporation.

In a survey carried out by Línea Directa, citizens who were interviewed at the Administrative Unit, where they carried out various procedures, were asked from the outset if they trusted the municipal police and they did not hesitate to answer.

“Absolutely not, because they abuse citizens at the checkpoints”

“We don’t have a lot of confidence in the police because when we occupy them, they never come at the moment”

“The security sector is badly damaged; there are more and more crimes and people do not dare to file a complaint ”.

“No, they’re all a bunch of rats.”

“Not for everything that is seen corruption injustice.”

“They don’t identify themselves, they don’t tell you why they are reviewing you, only that it’s a review and that’s it.”

Only the few said they had no reason to distrust.

“I have not had a bad experience with them to be wary. I give them my vote of confidence.”

During the interview, the people consulted made some proposals so that citizens trust municipal agents again, such as the change of commanders and not only of their head; more and better equipment for the elements; constant training mainly in respect for human rights, and some even considered that admission to the Police Academy should be more rigorous with requirements that are not so easy to cover.