What does the white flag mean on beaches of Mazatlan


At the entrance to the beaches, either in hotels or on the boardwalk, there are some flags that tell us information about the waves and if we must be careful with a code like a traffic light. But sometimes a white flag is next to it

What the white flag means on beaches

The white flag warns us about the presence of dangerous fauna, refers to the appearance of jellyfish also known as aguamala or quemador.

The risk of being stung is not exclusive of being inside the water since the waves drag them to the shore where if you walk barefoot they can also sting you.

Differences between Aguamala and a Quemador

The aguamala look like white or transparent bubbles, while the quemador are like bubbles of blue color.

The frigates or Portuguese caravels commonly called medusas have long tentacles, so if you watch one be careful with the tentacle can entangle in some part of your body

First aid in case of being bitten by a jellyfish

  • Find URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION if you have difficulty breathing or if you have muscle spasms.
  • Remove it using gloves or a stick (Do not do it directly with your hands)
  • Wash affected area, do not use fresh water or vinegar, because that activates the cells that cause burning.
  • Apply ointment with Lidocaine or Benzocaine that are also found in sunburn products.
  • Place ice wrapped in a towel to help lower inflammation
  • If the affected area is an eye should be washed with plenty of natural water at the time for at least 20 minutes. If the discomfort continues, you should go to the doctor

Source: mazatleco.com

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