Despite delays city will not apply sanctions to construction companies


The director of Public Works says that the Sister City Park, the boardwalk, the Historical Center and the lighthouse are ready.

The construction of the boardwalk and its palm trees, the Park of the Sister Cities, the lighthouse and Bahia Avenue, are in the process of receiving delivery, assured the director of Public Works, Joel García Regalado.

He was questioned if they are going to inherit the works from the government of Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, and the official denied it.

He reiterated that they are about to make the delivery and insisting that if he did not apply the bail to the construction companies that have already completed the year, he stressed that the agreements were extended and are still within the deadlines.


García Regalado acknowledged the delay in the payment of the works to the construction companies.
In relation to the boardwalk, which is where more problems have been had, said that the replacement of palm trees does not bring any additional cost to the municipal administration.

He accepted that there are around 40 palm trees, between coconut trees and date palms, which have to be replaced on the boardwalk and tourist areas.

This Tuesday, municipality staff and construction companies replaced some palm trees on the Paseo Clausen.

In the Del Mar Avenue, the change has been delayed because the date palms must be brought from other cities. He added that upon receiving the works they will see that everything is in order.


In the case of the park of the Sister Cities, he said that the work is already finished.
The only thing that is missing is that the Federal Electricity Commission reactivates the energy service to be received by the City Council.