Mazatlan: Virgin of Guadalupe gathers thousands of people of all ages who affirm their love and faith.


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In its day, the Virgin of Guadalupe gathers thousands of people of all ages who affirm their love and faith.  

During the pilgrimage of the Cathedral to La Puntilla, children, youth, adults and the elderly prayed and sang to La Morenita. 

They even cried for the favors received, be it health, finding a job or recovering a missing family member.

Maria Guadalupe Tirado, like dozens of people, walked the procession barefoot, as part of a command for the health of her husband. He relates that his lifelong companion, Miguel Ángel, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor explained that his illness was very advanced.

He looked very bad, on the verge of death, but he never lost faith and asked the Virgin with devotion to healing him.

Today, her husband is well and he promised the Virgin to do the procession barefoot in gratitude. 
She ended up with her feet hurt by the hot pavement and some stones, but she felt satisfied. 

In another story, with tears in her eyes, Monica says that her 3-month-old daughter, Lupita, was born premature and did not give her any hope of life, but she assures that the Virgin gave her health. And just like these, there are hundreds of stories.


The Bishop of the Diocese of Mazatlán, Mario Espinosa Contreras, led the procession to La Puntilla, where he officiated the Eucharist.

In this framework, he called for world peace, so that insecurity ceases in Mazatlan and the country. The prelate feels satisfied by the influx of more and more families to this celebration. He asked them to take advantage of these times to be in solidarity with those who have less and share what they have, and also of their time.

Source: El Debate

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