City Attorney of Mazatlan seeks to end corruption


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In the review of the delivery-reception process, Mazatlan’s attorney, Elsa Bojórquez Mascareño, confirmed that corruption cases have been detected in the last municipal administration 2017-2018.

The municipal official made it clear that in this municipal government , there will be no hidden acts of corruption and will reach the last consequence of any irregular act.

Although she avoided detailing the number of anomalies detected, she said that the number of irregular cases far exceeds the 70 announced weeks ago, by the secretary of City Hall, José de Jesús Flores Segura.

There is something. Yes there was corruption (…) here there will be no dead bodies, here everything will come out, with our documents in hand, with the law in hand.

Procurator of Mazatlan, Elsa Bojórquez Mascareño

She stressed that irregularities of all kinds have been detected in all areas and that there will be a complete cleaning in the government.

“Right now, because they give me delivery-reception documents, then there are some that do not have problems, but others that have not brought them because they have problems and others that have brought me problems,” she said.

Regarding the dismissal of the head of the Internal Control Body, Rafael Padilla Diaz, said, that already integrated a three-woman conformed by citizens and members of the College of Accountants, two men and a woman, for the replacement of the comptroller, same that presented before the mayor to be proposed in an extraordinary session of the Cabildo.

“Here we go, I already gave the municipal president three files, to convene an Extraordinary Meeting of the Cabildo, to be reviewed and from that list is chosen who has the best credentials,” he said.

she added that Padilla Diaz’s argument that article 39 Bis does not mark the removal of his office, before the end of the contracted period, the Municipal Government Law is above, and even the State Congress responded to the complaint filed with authorization and faculty, to request the change through the Extraordinary Assembly, because the comptroller ignored those complaints against him.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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