Mazatlan residents demand that new construction be stopped


The construction of more condos in the Gaviotas has affected its inhabitants in the efficiency of services.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the placement of blankets on avenues and main streets, in order to raise their voices, neighbors of the Gaviotas neigboorhood began to demand a halt to the destruction of houses, for the construction of more condominium towers and apartments. And it is that the inhabitants of the zone, said that they have programmed, in what remains of the year and principles of 2019, the construction, in average, of 19 new towers to the interior of the fractionation, example of it is the real estate located in streets Río de La Plata and Albatros street, where three houses have been demolished, to give rise to new projects and other properties that have been bought.

The fact has affected them in the efficiency of public services mainly, such as drinking water, which has decreased its pressure and even the drainage network, which, being the old mud net, worries that when the capacity is exceeded it will totally collapse and aggravate the problem of overflow of sewage, they said.

hey also stated that the invasion of parking spaces is another problem that has emerged, not to mention, that residential privacy has been lost little by little.

“It affects us here because it is going to be like any colony, it is not going to be residential and now it is affecting us in everything, in the water, drainage that is not so bad, in some areas it has already collapsed. pressure here and before if we had all day because we are more inhabitants here, that’s the problem we have and that’s why we do not want more, “they commented.

“What happens is that they have built, indiscriminately, apartment buildings and they are already too many, then the effects begin to see them in the parking spaces, we know that the drainage will also be terribly affected, because from our own experience we have had problems of collapse of the drainage, because it is the old network of mud and with the saturation of people will collapse even more, it does not have the capacity and another thing is that robberies have increased, “they underlined.


Among other strong problems, neighbors reported the increase in robberies to house and assaults, which occur both in the day and at dawn and that, in the last year, have doubled, so some inhabitants have been seen in the need to install alarms and other preventive measures.

“What is affecting us a lot is the part of security, here on the side of my house, the one in front, next door, they have already stolen, they are houses that were previously very safe and people trusted in that security , could go out at night without any problem, knowing that he was safe to return and for us it has been a bit complicated, because if that security is already ending, that paranoia, “they stressed.

They added that there is little vigilance and patrolling only takes place along the main avenues of the subdivision and, together with that, the historical problem of faults in public lighting.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post