Do you want fresh shrimp? Ask for the ‘Changueras’ of Mazatlan


The shrimp farms of the port offer ceviche, cocktail, to cook, stuff, even fish fillets, tuna, and even octopus, those interested can ask at the place

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Up to eighty percent have increased the sales of the Changueras, since tourists began to arrive at the port, so once this weekend begins, they see a high influx of customers, reported Norma Leticia Beltrán Flores.

The member of the Shrimp Farm Union of Mazatlan said that the customers who visit them for years return always, so they continue to maintain their prices, and offer them a good service and in turn recommend them.

“Right now we are at 80 percent for sale on weekends, during the week it is quiet, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, it is quiet, Thursday is good, Friday is good, Saturday and Sunday are very good. Now if the school year is over and let’s hope it comes now, yes, the people “.

Beltrán Flores reported that the prices are 100 pesos cevichero shrimp, the cocktail shaker 150-160 and shrimp to cook between 120-130 pesos, products that are the most requested by the general clientele.

He also mentioned that when tourists are on the way out, they take a lot of shrimp to fill or breach, as well as the dry product; so he issued some recommendations to outsiders who transport the product and do not spoil it.

“You have to bring your cooler or buy your cooler from unicel, you have to ask them to take ice down, in the middle and up, you have to smell the shrimp, you should not have it and you have to see the quality of the shrimp.”

Finally, the partner of the union invited all those who visit the port of Mazatlan, take a turn to see the fresh product, ask, compare and bring the one that most convinces them.

The sales schedule starts from 6:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the afternoon from Monday to Sunday.

Source: linea directa

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