Over 20 thousand vehicles clog tourist corridors in Mazatlan on weekends


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- According to the report of the Municipal Transit of Mazatlan, every weekend around 20 thousand motorists circulate in the tourist destination, between tourists and locals, informed Francisco Guerra Martínez.

The commander of the road agents clarified that a reflection of the high influx of visitors, is to turn to see the Malecon, Olas Altas, and the Golden Zone, even the public parking lot in front of the Aquarium is full. 

“From Thursday to Saturday we increase by 20 or 30 percent what is the flow of vehicles and visitors, as you will notice that the parking lot that is in front of the Aquarium is filled on weekends, and it is usually people from the North of the Country; what is from Coahuila, Nuevo León, Durango are those that come every weekend, “he said.

The director of Municipal Transit made a strong call to motorists to be respectful of road regulations, give way to passers-by and the most important, is that they do not stop on public roads because that, he said, generates a strong traffic congestion .

“Unfortunately there are people who think that stopping five minutes for them is little, but for us or for the same transporters, or vehicle drivers who come behind, it is very much those five minutes because too many traffic jams are made”

“… that’s why I’ve always said it, we want the citizens to do their bit to circulate fluidly on public roads,” he said. 

Guerra Martínez said that the road agents, during those days, from Thursday to Sunday, are distributed through the busiest areas of the city to speed up vehicular traffic, and thus avoid heavy crowds. 

Source: linea directa

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