Demand for Pulmonias increase 90% in Mazatlan


The drivers of the transport sector of pulmonias ensure that so far are benefited with the national tourism that arrives at the port in this holiday period

Mazatlan, Sin.- As soon as the summer vacation period begins and the public transport sector of Pulmonias in Mazatlan is already benefited since the weekday passages maintain 70 and 80 percent, and the weekends reach the levels of 100 percent.

In an opinion poll conducted by the Línea Directa team, the drivers of the rental transport indicated that the largest influx of people seen in the port is national tourism, which is why they make constant trips to the Aquarium, restaurants, height of El Faro and on the boardwalk, since they are attractive places where they manage to lift more passages. 

“From 100 to 80 percent for the Public Service sector, the truth is very good.”

“Now if you see more movement in everything, how much have the tickets increased? Maybe 80 or 90 percent. “

“They are very good, good demand, have they already felt the increase? A little but yes, I think 70 percent. “

The drivers of the units specified that the rates they offer are accessible, ranging from 50 to 120 pesos, depending on the route desired by the vacationer, and if they are traveled by the various attractions of the city, the cost is 250 One hour, this in order to offer a good service to vacationers.     

“They remain the same, sometimes a little variable but people accept the payment.”

“The same rates have always been handled, you have to charge what is, because that is a way to have a job too, you can not increase the rate, so that a good service is reflected”.

Those in charge of pneumonia are confident that in the coming days they will be able to increase the number of passages in order to generate greater economic benefits, since in May and June it was not beneficial for them, despite the fact that tourists were not able to move. get profits because people did not require the service and the units spent the same gas to make the tours of the city. 

Source: linea directa

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