Mazatlán does not sleep; tourists continue to visit the port


Tourism continues to be present in the port on the second weekend of March, touring the streets and beaches of Mazatlán

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – A large influx of tourists is observed in different parts of the city, including the Center, Malecón, and different beaches of the port where most of the visitors can be seen.

“We really like to come at this time of year when it’s hardly hot, but this year if you feel cold at night, Mazatlán always has many things to do, not to mention being on the beach, it’s beautiful, very sunny” commented Felipe, a tourist from Mexico City.

tourist 12

The aforementioned points are the busiest for both national and international tourism due to their popularity and proximity to most of the hotels and incredible views of the port, so even with low season the activity does not stop.

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“I love walking on the Malecón, especially when the sun goes down a bit and you can see the sunset, definitely one of my favorites, it looks very nice and there are many different things throughout the Malecón, it is very long, it never ends one” assured Raúl, also from Mexico City, with a laugh.

Dates are coming for Mazatlan in which tourism will increase a little more, such as the next bridge on March 21 and of course Holy Week.


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