These are the cruise ships that will arrive in Mazatlan the remainder of March


A total of 19 cruise ships would be arriving in Mazatlan during the month of March

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – In the middle of March and after the end of the Carnival, it is considered a low season in tourism for the port, however, there is a lot of tourism that has been observed during these days, both national and foreign with the arrival of cruise ships to Mazatlan.

For this month of March, it is planned to receive a total of 19 cruise ships, of which eight have already visited the port in the first days of the month, representing a large and important economic benefit in the tourism sector, as well as the benefit for merchants and restaurateurs. .

cruise ships

However, although the ships are of great importance for the port, there can always be different factors that intervene in their arrival, being able to change the route and making it uncertain, especially with a pandemic still in force. However, they have been working on strict protocols to follow so that the arrival of these vessels in Mazatlan is safe for visitors and locals.

The well-known health measures are still being implemented, as well as in case there are infected passengers they must remain inside the ship.

Among the cruises expected for the rest of the month are the Princess Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises Line, some of the most important international cruise lines.

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