Culiacán sweeps the State medal table, Mazatán is second; while Elota surprises


Of the 18 municipalities, only San Ignacio and Badiraguato have not added any medal during the National Games

CULIACÁN.- Waiting for the Tae Kwon Do discipline to be carried out, until now Culiacán is located at the top of the general medal table within the 2022 National Games, within its State stage.  

The “Culichi” delegation adds a total of 502 medals, where 195 are gold, 147 silver, while 160 are bronze within a total of 26 disciplines that have been carried out so far.

For its part, Mazatlán is located in second position, where it has accumulated a total of 277 medals, 92 gold, 109 silver and 76 bronze, followed by Ahome and Guasave with 201 and 133 medals respectively.

To know  

In the official medal table of the 2022 National Games, in its State stage, only the medals where there was participation of two or more municipalities in the corresponding competitions were taken into account, the medals where the municipality is repeated in the same competition were not taken into account. test, weight or, where appropriate, category.

To the medal table, it is necessary to add the results of Tae Kwon Do, an event that will be held on April 6.