Traditional entertainments of Mexico


Mexico is a country with an interesting culture and beautiful sights. But in addition to the cultural component, this country also actively advocates the promotion of mass sports. And if such traditional sports as football are known to many – some locals even bet using Bet 22, then not everyone knows about less popular entertainment. In this review, we will consider the popular traditional entertainments of Mexico.

In addition to various sports, Mexico has a wide variety of sports activities and traditional games that bring adults and children together to have fun. Most often, these games are passed down from generation to generation and have existed for many centuries. Local residents keep traditions, so they do not leave people’s lives, even despite the emergence of new technologies.


It is a traditional game of the Maya royal family that has been around for hundreds of years. It is played mainly on the street, especially on the streets of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Most often this game is played by men, as it is very similar to baseball. Instead of a ball, a small wooden stick with pointed ends is used here. The length of such a stick is about 10 centimeters. The second stick is larger – about 8 inches – it represents a bat. This game is played by two teams whose players run in a circle and hit a small stick with a big stick. The task of the players is to intercept a small stick from the opponents.


The second typical game for the Yucatan Peninsula is the game for girls. In Europe, this game is called the classics.

To play the game, you need to draw a grid on the ground in the form of an airplane, with squares from 1 to 10. A large circle is drawn in the last square. Each player throws a stone (chakara) and jumps on one foot to the place where the stone fell.


This game originated from the Egyptians. Marbles are balls made of different materials such as glass, clay or metal that are thrown with great precision.

In Mexico, for this game, a rhombus is drawn on the ground, on which the betting balls will be placed. The goal is to take turns throwing balls and using your balls to knock out the balls of your opponents. The player whose ball remains inside the rhombus wins.


This is a typical game for big parties. For her, they make a large multi-colored cardboard figure, which is decorated with colored paper. Sweets and small toys are placed inside the figure.

Each player takes turns hitting the piece with the stick until the piece breaks. The difficulty lies in the fact that the player is blindfolded and rotated around his axis several times to confuse him, and he could not easily strike.

The games described above are only a small part of Mexican entertainment. The main feature that distinguishes all Mexican games is mobility and fun. Most often, games are played on the street, so an unlimited number of people can play – there is enough space for everyone.