Up to 80,000 people are expected at the Culiacán Balloon Festival


There will be free transportation to the festival area, live music and activities for boys and girls.

CULIACÁN. – At a press conference, the municipal president, Juan de Dios Gámez Mendívil, and the Sinaloa Secretary of Tourism, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, highlighted the relevance that the First Balloon Festival represents for the promotion of the positive image of Culiacán.

Through an extensive recreational, artistic, and cultural program, Juan de Dios Gámez announced the details of this great event that will take place on April 29 and 30, with which he said, he will seek to make it transcend in the Sinaloan capital as an annual activity that promotes healthy family recreation and, at the same time, promotes economic and tourist development, both in Culiacán and Sinaloa.

He informed that the attendance of more than 80 thousand people is expected, who, through different dynamics that will be announced on the digital sites of the Culiacán City Council, will have the opportunity to experience a hot air balloon ride with the beautiful view offered by the landscape.

“This is part of the different events that we have been organizing in Culiacán to show the true face of the municipality and its people; It is a joint effort with the State Government and the private initiative, we have the support of several companies and thanks to their approach we have enriched the program in favor of the attendees”, indicated the mayor.

He shared that there will be 150 tours a day, with anchored elevations starting at 6:00 a.m., estimating around 5,000 people benefited.

There will be a gastronomic corridor, and on April 29 in the musical pavilion there will be the participation of the groups Río Roma, Café Tacvba, Los Moustros, Cueto, DJs Vassico, VIBN, Soldier Full Band, Cázarez, Echon Banda, Músicos Clave de Sol, Cafeína Gris, among others.

On April 30, there will be recreational and cultural activities, aimed at celebrating Children’s Day. There will be storytelling, ‘Painting and coloring Narnia’, mini-fairs, dances, music, magic shows, kite flying, botargas show, puppet group, clowns.

With the intention that most of the population can enjoy this event, the mayor said that free transportation routes will be scheduled, with departures in the morning and at noon, from the Cathedral and Culiacán Park.

He stressed that all security measures are planned with opinions endorsed by Civil Protection authorities, in the same way there are permits from the Ministry of Communications and Transportation to carry out the flights, with accreditation certificates from the companies and the pilots of the hot air balloons, and the respective permits from CONAGUA for the use of the space.

For her part, Estrella Palacios celebrated the organization of this important event with a social sense for the promotion of tourism and family life, she stressed that it is an alternative attraction that thousands of Culiacanenses and people from different parts of the state will be able to enjoy from this year, even the country.

“It is an opportunity to spread the benefits of our capital, but also to replicate this festival in other parts of Sinaloa. It is an honor for us to collaborate with your organization, and support everything in our power to make it a success”, she stated.

Source: Punto.mx