DON PORFIRIO will finally have his casita


* At last “Don Porfirio” will have a totally decent home to live in.

* A young man will help you and build your house completely.

A fire took away his little house a couple of weeks ago, a few days ago an “angel” came to help him and would completely change the situation in which Don Porfirio lived.

Juan Ángel Orona Orozco, an altruistic young man who usually works on the beach in the mornings providing tourist services; And after his work, he usually looks for people who are in difficult situations and be able to help them.

A young man who not only dedicates himself to helping, but also works in the afternoons, tells us “I do what I can” since he says that he cannot help everyone in his entirety that on the outside he would do it with each person he sees that suffers.

His father Ignacio Orona also usually helps him in this type of work, and in this project he is doing so, he is a carpenter and together they are building the house of “Don Porfirio”

An “Ángel” who with the help of a person who lives abroad called “Lupita Flores” channels people who are going through street situations or vulnerability and sends them the corresponding help, they contacted “Don Porfirio” and they are totally building their home for them.

Don Porfirio who received us with a smile on his face because he will already have a place to sleep, says he is happy because he will finally have a roof to take refuge in and totally grateful for the help that they sent him immediately.

“Help others and you will see how you are actually making a better world for yourself”


The Mazatlan Post