This is the story behind Pastelería Panamá


Learn about the transformation it had from a grocery store to a pastry shop; Currently, Panama is among the most traditional restaurants in the port

MAZATLAN. – Mazatlán is not only distinguished by its geographical location that places it in one of the most beautiful points of the Pacific Ocean, but also its gastronomy and an example of this is Pastelería Panamá, one of the most traditional restaurants in the port.

Some say that visiting ‘La Panama’ and not tasting its dishes or cakes is as if you had not been to Mazatlán, that’s how important it is. And if you don’t know its history, don’t worry, today we will talk about its origins and the processes that have led this company to become known nationally.

The story goes back to the 70’s, when Mr. Ignacio Osuna, founder of panama pastry shops, decided to venture into the art of business with the purchase of a grocery store from some Orientals and later, together with his eternal companion, Olivia, Start making homemade cakes.

The grocery store that was called “El Canal de Panamá” was located in Aurora alley, between Belisario Domínguez and Venus street, in the Historic Center of Mazatlán.

Although it was originally called The Panama Canal, in 1976 with the increase in the sale of cakes the name was changed to Panama and they were dedicated only to this activity, leaving aside the sale of groceries.

The next step was taken with the pastry factory, just one block away, in the Historic Center, and a small branch one block from the market, introducing the concept of a cafeteria with the famous Danish sandwich, made with the delicious bread that is still made.

The restaurants

The restaurants began in 1982, when Olivia and her sister Teresa, put their creativity and effort into creating the menu at the Los Arroyos hotel branch, in the Golden Zone.

By 1990 Restaurants and Pastry Shops Panama decided to expand to Culiacán by investing in a pastry factory, restaurant, pastry shop and bakery on Francisco Villa street.

The current era

Currently, in Mazatlán there are already three restaurants with pastry shops, these are located in the Center, Zona Dorada and Ejército Mexicano avenue. As for pastry shops in the port there are 12 pastry shops. The curious thing is that the first store (Centro Histórico) is still in operation to date.

At the state level, La Panama is in Ahome, Guasave and Culiacán.

The most popular

Among the most requested dishes are their Swiss chilaquiles, their breakfast combinations and the food from the market. If we talk about desserts, what clients asked for the most is the guava, chocolate and Swiss cheese pie.