Mario and Dora, the marriage that makes Nescafé coffee


While he goes out to work the coffee plantations for the harvest, she works on drying the product using only the 70 boxes that fit in her yard.

“Two are better than one because if they fall the other will lift their partner. And if one prevails against one, two will resist him; a double rope does not break easily, “wrote John Steinbeck in his 1962 Nobel Prize for Literature, Grapes of Wrath. The day of the Velazco Ruíz family begins at 4:00 a.m. Even with the serene of the dawn, Mario Velazco leaves every morning to the ejido Independencia, in the municipality of Tapachula, Chiapas, to work the coffee plantations. At the same time, Dora Ruíz, his wife, takes care of the process of drying the coffee, scratching and rolling the product on the patio of his house.

From the age of 16, he is dedicated to the production of coffee, after his father involved him in the family business. His father, he says, still continues working at 91 years of age. She started working in the industry at age 18 when her mother inherited part of her land for cultivation. At 58 and 51 years of age, the couple gathered their properties and now have five hectares to work coffee, which has been the story of their life together. “We produced very little, between five and six tons every year,” Mario said. After its entry into the Nescafé Plan, sponsored by Nestlé, its productivity doubled, he says. Last year it reached 20 tons and its goal is to reach 30 tons. “Before I went on foot and thanks to the growth we have had, we already have two vehicles to move to load coffee. I no longer wear it on my back, “mentions the man, who is fluent in the conversation, but accepts a more serious approach to the camera.  In a time of harvest (from November to February), Mario leaves with 18 workers heading to the field, some of them, Guatemalans; the rest of the year, the Chiapanec is in charge of 20 people. His mission in the field is to produce well the plot and have it well ordered. Teamwork While he goes out to work the coffee plantations (robust variety) for the harvest, she works on drying the product using only the 70 boxes that fit in her yard. She also takes care of her three daughters, 12, 13 and 14 years old. “Our daughters study, but they support us in their free time. We have taught them to be a team, “they say proudly. This marriage knows that professional performance at all levels is complicated and that without hard work an end is hardly achieved, something that they try to teach their daughters. “The job they will have at home if they continue working as a team and they will never miss anything because the plots produce a lot, but you have to know. That’s what I inject to my daughters, who like the countryside, “they say. After attending the presentation of the Tribute campaign of the coffee brand, where both will appear in some bottles of the product, the couple must return home with their daughters to prepare for a new harvest season.

The Mazatlan Post