Queretaro will host the first National Innovation Forum and Mazatlan will be present


It will take place on July 7 and 8 in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, where they will be able to exchange ideas, strategies and grow in a network among those who make up Canacintra.

MAZATLÁN.- The era of innovation is here and for this reason, in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, the first National Innovation Forum will be held, organized by the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry, where Mazatlán will be present.  

Héctor Manuel Rivadeneyra Díaz, president of Canacintra of San Juan del Río, explained that innovation has proven to be the most important source of growth and prosperity, hence, they seek to concentrate talent in a forum, where points of view will be exchanged. directed towards the same goal.  

“Canacintra has the opportunity to become the articulator of regional and national ecosystems so that individuals, companies, organizations and governments collaborate in the development of joint initiatives and projects that address the challenges as a society,” he declared.  

Rivadeneyra Díaz indicated that for two days, there will be panels, conferences and symposiums, which will revolve around the industry, diversity as a competitive advantage, sustainability and conscious companies, among others.  

For her part, Nanghelly Silva Anzaldúa, national vice president of innovation, science and technology of Canacintra, pointed out that the forum is the result of the work of all those who make up the chamber at the national level, who have been transforming, not only in what technological, but also cultural and social.  

“The intention is that it becomes a turning point that is not just an event, but that continuity is given to close work between companies, universities and the government… Good practices and success stories will be presented by the companies most innovative we have in the country”, he said.  

In turn, they are launching the Startup Collision program, which seeks entrepreneurs and innovators who have a business idea with interesting market potential or a product already developed that responds to a job need and generates significant value for the client.  

In addition, within this forum, it is intended to shape a national manifesto for innovation, where the authorities and the actors of the transformation industry are involved, interested in raising the quality of the sector in the world.