The decriminalization of abortion in Sinaloa will mark history: Sánchez Cordero


The president of the board of directors of the Senate spoke for the twelve weeks and not for the fourteen that Morena proposes in her initiatives.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The president of the board of directors of the Senate, Olga Sánchez Cordero, warned that the decision made by the State Congress in the decriminalization of abortion in Sinaloa will mark the history of its Legislature and will impact the future of social development.

During a master conference called Decriminalization of Abortion and Rights for All that she gave virtually to the deputies, a few days before the ruling on the decriminalization of abortion is put up for discussion, the senator stressed that the decision of the legislators will be fundamental that will transcend the possibility of saving dozens of lives of Sinaloan women.

Regarding the temporality with which the Morena parliamentary group is managing, it proposes that the abortion be carried out until 14 weeks, the senator ruled that it be at twelve weeks.

“I do not agree that the decriminalization of abortion is beyond twelve weeks, that is, I would not agree to eliminate the criminal type of abortion, I would only agree to the decriminalization up to twelve weeks of pregnancy, enough time to that the woman can make a decision in important sanitary conditions and so that her conduct is not penalized, recriminated and leads to the deprivation of liberty, “she said.

sHe asked the Sinaloan legislators to also speak in the explanatory memorandum about the recriminalization of violence exercised by the state by penalizing women who dare to abort.

“Here we have to put everything on the table, because and why not, you criminalize abortion after 14 weeks; all this is your responsibility, I only wanted to give an opinion, I think it is your duty not to criminalize women, give yourself 14 weeks if you want, but do not criminalize women because criminalizing them is institutional violence, that is your duty In short, you know how you are going to classify your conduct now that you have this serious responsibility,” she said .


She said that in Sinaloa the media say that around 1,500 induced abortions are presented annually in the state, however, the also former minister of the Court of Justice of the Nation, warned that perhaps there is more precisely because of the secrecy in the that are carried out.

“Surely there is a huge black figure, we do not know, but what we do know is that the current prohibition scheme criminalizes abortion and I underline, it criminalizes abortion, it gives us at least three certainties: it is that it does not inhibit or discourage in practice of abortion just as the numbers show, there will still be abortions,” she said.

The second certainty, he added, is that since 1990, the fourth cause of maternal death in Sinaloa is abortion; The third certainty is that if abortion is not criminally sanctioned we will have a more realistic figure on the number of abortions, we would have better sanitary conditions so that the hundreds or thousands of women who are forced to decide to have an abortion can survive and so that they are reduced the unforeseen negative effects that many clandestine abortions due to sanitary conditions end up sentencing many women to not being able to have children again in the future.


“These only certainties provided by the Sinaloa criminal scheme allow me to sustain the real importance of the issue, which does not lie in seeing whether or not our religious beliefs can outweigh our scientific knowledge, that is a debate between theologians and scientists and there is no We’re going to get involved,” she said.

She insisted on the importance of the decision made by the deputies, it lies in a sense of humanity, which I hope she will show when assuming her mandate and voting for what is best for Sinaloan women.

“I maintain the same conviction that I expressed when I had the responsibility to weigh the constitutional aspects of the debate on abortion in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, this conviction, this social and health problem implicit in the criminalization of curettage must avoid the alleys that sometimes close the dialogues in the biological sciences and moral philosophy”, he indicated.

She said that the protection of life from the moment of conception by criminal means, far from balancing the rights of the mother with those of the unborn child, is closing the door to the exercise of women’s reproductive rights, forcing them underground,

“Absolutely no one can consider an abortion as a pleasant event in the life of women, no woman performs the practice of abortion as a regular contraceptive and in addition to the physical and emotional impact that sometimes lasts a lifetime and is devastating for these women who decide to carry out an abortion,” she said.

Senator Sánchez Cordero reiterated that assuming that abortion is such a desirable and habitual contraceptive mechanism for women, such as taking a preventive medication or managing a calendar, is part of the fantasies created in the darkness of a patriarchal culture. .

“I am not in favor of abortion, but I am in favor of reducing maternal deaths, if I am in favor of breaking a taboo of the patriarchal culture that re-victimizes and criminalizes women through criminal means and leads them to prison. Yes, I am in favor of changing the rules in the jurisdictional, local, and federal spheres to save their lives,” she indicated.


He demanded that the sanitary conditions of places where abortions are performed be better regulated, and that the decriminalization of abortion open up information that today is hidden underground and allow us to promote a better institutional and public policy design.

Maintaining the current criminal scheme, criminalizing this behavior around abortion, undermines the safeguarding of constitutional rights.

She also said that the mourning derived from the abortion of the person who performs it, sometimes lasts for their entire lives, the self-censorship of suffering abortion events, and the constant coercion of many other rights due to the threat of taking them to prison.

“I would respectfully suggest that the Sinaloan caucus weigh the need to save lives, weigh the reality that women in Sinaloa live with the current norm and make a commitment to a progressive vision of a leftist government, that they stop reproducing the patriarchal culture that establishes that all of us feel and think as women”, she concluded.


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