What is Sinaloa doing against monkeypox virus?


It will be the airports, bus stations and ports, where sanitary measures are reinforced, in the face of a second smallpox outbreak.

MAZATLÁN.- The Ministry of Health in Sinaloa will reinforce its sanitary measures in the face of the second case of monkeypox, better known as “monkeypox” in Mexico.  

This reinforcement will be carried out in airports, bus stations, and ports, since these cases have arisen in foreigners, thus paying special attention to them, above all, due to the event held in Puerto Vallarta, where a person came out with this disease.  

Secretary Cuitláhuac González Galindo called on the people who participated in said celebration to go to the health jurisdictions of their locality in case they have had direct contact with the tourist, or if they present any symptoms so that they receive adequate attention. . 

“What we have is that people who come from abroad, from Europe, Africa, the United States or Canada, they would have to notify if they were exposed to a person with this disease,” he declared.  

González Galindo pointed out that the main symptoms of this disease are: temperature above 38 degrees, swollen glands and possible skin irritation with small blisters. 

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He explained that this disease takes two to five days to manifest symptoms and the period of infection from two to three weeks, which can be prevented by observing hygiene measures. 

So far, there are no cases in Sinaloa, only the two that were reported from the federal authority and one of them was reported in Jalisco, after having been in Puerto Vallarta. 

Source: punto.mx

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