Video: 1st Evora Livestock Fair 2019 was held in Guamúchil Sinaloa


The headquarters in Guamúchil on December 14 and 15, to promote the activity and for tourism purposes

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- With the purpose of promoting livestock and the sport of charrería, as well as a tourist attraction, for the first time, the Evora Livestock Fair 2019 was held in Guamúchil.

The afternoon of this Saturday was the inauguration, where the mayor of Salvador Alvarado, Carlo Mario Ortiz Sánchez stressed that the idea is that this event is held every year and that it contributes to the maintenance of traditions.

“It is for the benefit and promotion of our traditions, I see many people excited and that this event comes to stay, it is a sport that we have to continue promoting because it is a national sport, the charrería and happy because it also contributes a little so that the people come from outside, there are people from Guasave, there are people from other municipalities. ”

For his part, Roberto Sánchez Castro, president of the Local Livestock Association of Salvador Alvarado said that they are looking for new generations to get involved with this productive activity and be interested in continuing to develop it.

“Interact with people, let people see what livestock is, how we are improving genetics, how we are developing our activity and having the best possible time with the whole family and friends.”

In this Evora Livestock Fair some exhibitors of fine breeds were concentrated, in addition attractive for children and of course, a series of skirmishes and activities of the charrería.

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