The most dangerous states to travel in Mexico


According to an interactive map of the International SOS insurer, at least 12 entities in Mexico are of great danger.

In Mexico, there are at least 12 states with danger indexes for travel, reported the insurer International SOS, through  Travel Risk Map, a map that shows the areas with a higher level of risk.

In the illustration, the most dangerous entities to travel within the country are marked with red, while the states with a medium level of risk are shown with yellow. 



2. Veracruz

3. Tamaulipas

4. Guerrero

5. Mexico state

6. Michoacán

7. Jalisco

8. Guanajuato

9. Colima 

10. Sinaloa

11. Chihuahua

12. Baja California

The insurer explained that the criteria to designate states with a high level of risk and the most violent in some entities, even in countries, is that “the protests are frequently violent and can attack or disturb foreigners.”

He also says that “they can be exacerbated by governance problems, including security or law and the capacity of order.”

“Violent crime and terrorism pose significant direct or incidental risks for international travelers and assignees. Community, sectarian or racial violence is common and foreigners can be directly attacked. Certain parts of the country are inaccessible or prohibited for the traveler “, indicates the report. 

The areas cataloged with a medium level of danger, that is to say, that “periodic political disturbances, violent protests, insurgency and/or sporadic acts of terrorism take place”.

Source: milenio

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