Mazatlan’s municipal government performs cleaning day at Luna Bonita Beach

Decrease the amount of waste found. Of a thousand butts that were registered, today only two hundred were obtained

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- To continue the certification process started a few days ago in Luna Bonita Beach, this morning the Municipal Government through the Operator and Administrator of Beaches made a day of cleaning in the area.

The result in the one hundred meters worked was the following: 100 grams of pet plastic, 200 cigarette butts, 500 grams of glass, 800 grams of aluminum, 37 grams of loincloths, four straws and between unicel, disposable and extra waste, five kilograms .

Rogelio Olivas Osuna, Director of the OAP, said that the decrease in waste was notable, since only in the cigarette butts were registered eight hundred less than the previous cleanings.

“At least here are a thousand butts that came together, right now if there was a decrease and all this is also because they have worked and people have become aware,” he said.

Thirty-five people participated in the day among Aquarium staff, Civil Society, national and foreign tourists.

Source: que pasa en mazatlan

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