Millions of undocumented Mexicans in Mexico


When people talk about undocumented people, people automatically refer to our countrymen in the United States who lack documents to prove their legal stay in that country.

I have always maintained that those who call illegals are undocumented because people cannot be illegal, they are only behaviors, but that disqualification has been imported by that growing xenophobic feeling in Mexico.

But what I’m going to is the undocumented Mexicans in their own country. I refer to the millions of minors who lack an identity document because the INE credential, formerly IFE, has become the only legal accreditation, only accessible to adults.

The other document is the passport with which less than 15 percent of children under 18 years old. It is necessary to see how many of the indigenous peoples, or marginalized areas, have that passport, which leaves them in the defenselessness of their identity.

I remember that in the last century the creation of an identity card was proposed, which the left rejected as a fascist document, which scared the PRI governments.

In the time of President Felipe Calderón, this identity card was advanced for all Mexicans, especially for minors, which was filed in the Ministry of the Interior.

Today, in the third millennium, in the 21st century, in the fourth transformation, the ghost of the minors remains the same, which allows, tolerates and encourages, that these girls and boys are prey to the traffickers of people, among many others worse risks.

And I would like to point out that now, the transport companies, by government order, ask for identification to all those who board their buses without considering that the minors do not have this document and that they are the most vulnerable victims of human trafficking and trade. children, a serious, inhuman pending of the Mexican State.


Source; milenio

The Mazatlan Post