Mayan women save bees and become entrepreneurs


#SoyAbejaMaya  is a program of  Educampo  that covers three areas: the empowerment of indigenous women, the protection of bees and the preservation of the Mayan jungle through trade in products derived from the Mayan bee endemic to Mexico.

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This program has been operating in the southern part of the country for more than 10 years and currently supports more than 200 Mayan indigenous women.

They receive training and technical assistance so that they learn to take care of the bees, so that they even give them artificial feeding when the plants are not appropriate for the season, also to learn to reproduce them and generate all their habitat.

The honey they produce eventually becomes products such as soaps, talc, shampoo and creams that cooperatives like Koolelo ‘ob sell in their locality and in neighboring municipalities.

The #SoyAbejaMaya program, from Educampo, benefits more than 200 women who learn to create their own sources of work.

In addition to spending their time learning a new activity, these women become agents of social change in their communities, as they preserve an endemic species while breaking gender roles.

The women who are part of #SoyAbejaMaya are accompanied by Educampo for five years in which they learn to set up and run a company. “At some point when they are already independent, what we do is let them work alone to support other women.”

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