Where are the dangerous stretches of highways in Mexico


The stretch from Escuinapa to El Rosario, the most dangerous in Sinaloa

Robberies on the road to motor transport increased 6.4 percent in the first quarter; here we tell you which are the most insecure

Mexico. Moving on the roads of Mexico sometimes becomes an ordeal for users due to constant assaults and insecurity; in Sinaloa the most dangerous stretch is between the municipalities of El Rosario and Escuinapa.

The transport of cargo and road haulage are the most affected by the crime that plagues the entire country.

According to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, auto-transportation robbery on federal highways increased by 6.4% during the first quarter compared to last year.

These are some of the ways of greater risk for the users according to the authorities:


Mexico state

1 Av. Gustavo Baz Prada-El Mirador-Puente de Vigas.

2 Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho at the junction with the Lechería-Chamapa highway.

3 Entronque Exterior Circuit Mexiquense, San Isidro, Cuautitlán Izcalli.

4 Av. Paseos del Bosque, Cuautitlán Izcalli.

5 Cuamatla Industrial Colony in Cuautitlán Izcalli.

6 Section Tepotzotlán – Palmillas, from km 51 to 53 and passing the house of Jorobas from km 58.


7 Section Coyotepec (Edomex) -Tepeji del Río, km 60 to Polotitlán de la Ilustración (EdoMex) -Tepeji de Ocampo km 85.


8 Tepeji de Ocampo-Polotitlán de la Ilustración from km 89 to 100.

9 Section Palmillas-Sauz Alto from km 155 to km 161.

10 Section Palmillas-Sauz Alto from km 171 to km 178.


Sinaloa:  1 section El Rosario-Escuinapa, from km 179 to 192 and from 195 to 223.

Nayarit:  2 Lo Lamedo-Tecualilla section, from km 23 to 24 + 500.

Jalisco:  3 Guadalajara-Tepic section, from km 2 to 8 and from km 108 to 114.


Nuevo León

1 From km 29, Libramiento Oriente Cadereyta and up to km 36.

2 20 kilometers before the payment booth Guadalupe, Las Palmas, Nuevo León.

3 Connection with the Cadereyta-Dr. González


4 Section Libramiento Monterrey-Reynosa, Av. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla to Calle Israel, Reynosa.

5 Calle Herreros corner Miguel Hidalgo Boulevard, Reynosa Tamaulipas.

6 Libramiento Matamoros-Monterrey, Anzalduas Boulevard, in Reynosa, which connects the Anzalduas International Bridge with Mc Allen and Hidalgo, Texas.



1 The zone considered as dangerous is that which includes the Margaritas, Chamilpa, Military Zone, Tlatepexco, Ampliación Maravillas, San Cristóbal, Bellavista, Tecomulco, Loma Bonita, Los Cerritos, Tulipanes and Villas del Lago neighborhoods from km 79 to km 89. Queretaro-Celaya from km 19 to 26.

2 Cuernavaca-Chilpancingo section from km 94 to km 106.


3 From Atenango del Río and Puente Mezcala Solidaridad km 220, until arriving at Chilpancingo Guerrero.



1 Querétaro – Celaya from km 19 to 26.


2 Salamanca – Celaya from km 42 to km 68.

3 Salamanca – Irapuato from km 76 to km 80 and from 92 to km 97.

Morelia-L. Cárdenas


1 Patzcuaro – Copándaro, Professor J. Jesús Romero Flores Street, Uruapan Cuota-Morelia Deviation until km 54.

2 5 kilometers after the Zirahuén collection booth, towards Lázaro Cárdenas, from km 67 to the junction with Aut. Morelia-Uruapan.

3 Section Lázaro Cárdenas – Uruapan, from km 145 to km 155.

4 Bad asphalt on the Las Cañas – Lázaro Cárdenas stretch.


Mexico state

1 Section San Miguel Teotongo (CDMX) -San Marcos Huixtoco (EdoMex), Mexico-Puebla from km 24 to km 39.


2 San Martin Texmelucan-Esperanza section from km 84 to km 221.


3 Section San José Cuyachapa-Fortín de las Flores, Orizaba-Puebla km 226 to 286.

4 Section Cuitláhuac-Jamapa, Córdoba-Boca del Río and Córdoba Veracruz from km 11 to km 87.


Mexico state

1 Aut. México-Pachuca (from Santa Clara to Santa María Tulpetlac, in Ecatepec).

2 Passing the Caseta Ojo de Agua (from the area Los Héroes Tecámac from km 29 to km 38 Isidro Fabela, Héroes de Tecámac).

3 Passing the Caseta Ojo de Agua, Los Héroes Tecámac, from km 29 to km 38, Isidro Fabela.


4 Aut. Mexico-Pachuca intersection Otumba-Tizayuca km 51.

5 Tepojaco, from km 53 to km 57 Gral. Felipe Ángeles.

6 Passing the Arco Norte México-Tuxpan, Rancho San Pablo area, Tolcayuca, km 128 and 129.

Source: El Financiero, Linea Directa

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