Maviri tourist services providers ask for cleaning of the road


They request that they clean the underbrush along the road that leads to El Maviri

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Providers of tourist services of El Maviri made a call to the corresponding authorities to clean the brush that is located by the road that leads to this island, since they claim that it impedes visibility and can be the cause of car accidents. 

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“There is a lot of grass and mosques that are invading the road. The City Council promised to inform in writing to the Conanp (National Commission of Protected Natural Areas) or to Semarnat (Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources) so that a meter of cleaning would be made to the margins of the road, “said Cuauhtémoc Torres, member of the Union of Restauranteros of El Maviri. 

He commented that he has been about to collide twice for this situation. “According to the City Council, the document has already been put in, but we are talking about four months and the foliage is growing very fast, especially now that the rains are coming,” he said.

He added that this situation should be a matter to be minimized.

“It is a delicate problem and even more so with the traffic that is approaching in this hot season for bathers who come to the beach,” he said.

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