El Maviri restaurateurs see their sales affected by jellyfish


The beach remains restricted for bathers as a precaution

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The Mochis, Sinaloa .- Derived from the news and the warnings from the authorities of Civil Protection so that those who go to the beach El Maviri do not get to bathe by the large amount of jellyfish, restaurateurs see little affluence to the island and affected your sales. 

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“At first we talked about a closure of the beach, after restricted areas and this situation has affected us, but our recognition to the Tourist Police is doing an excellent role and very aware of visitors to avoid that they suffer burns, “said Felizardo Romo.

The vice president of restaurants El Maviri said that Father’s Day is the strongest day of the year in sales because on Sunday they expected to reach one hundred percent. However, they had sales of 70 percent.

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