Rescuing tradition! Government of Mazatlán analyzes promoting the game of Ulama in the city


In a city council session, councilor Roberto Rodríguez presented the initiative to which Jesús Osuna joined, to be promoted as a new attraction for the city.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The Ulama is a game of ancient tradition that must be rescued, and for this, the councilor Roberto Rodríguez Lizárraga proposed in the ordinary city council Session number 32, that a play court be built.

The Coordinator of the Youth and Sports Commission in the Mazatlán Cabildo recalled that on October 11, 2010, the Ulama game was declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the state of Sinaloa, an autochthonous game with ancient roots that has managed to survive with over the years and the Spanish conquest, which in recent years has registered a significant decline in the entity, which puts its continuity and survival at risk, for this reason a point of agreement was presented for the municipal government to work on its rescue .

“This game is an autochthonous expression that seemed irrelevant to the Spanish conquerors and for this reason they tried to make it disappear; However, in the most remote places of the geography of our country, the practice continues in such a way that currently some heirs of some Hispanic towns can be found such as in Michoacán, Guerrero, Oaxaca, the State of Mexico, the Federal District and in Sinaloa. ”.

In this regard, the councilor Jesús Osuna Lamarque considered that this could be a new tourist attraction for the city.

“Apart from preserving that, seeing it as a tourist attraction here in the city of Mazatlán. Then you have to choose well the point where the play court is going to be placed. The Sister Cities Park is here, which could be a good place”.

The councilors approved the point of agreement to be referred to the Education, Tourism and Commerce commissions; Youth and Sport; and Social and Cultural Action.

Previously, they authorized the intervention of Joel Isaías Barraza Verduzco, representative of the Sinaloa Institute of Culture and Cultural Heritage, as well as a correspondent for the Seminary of Mexican Culture in Mazatlán, who said that currently only in this municipality and in Escuinapa is where game of ulama is played, so it must be urgently rescued since it is a part of the history of the ancient peoples of Mexico.

Source: Linea Directa