Mayor of Mazatlán accuses the government of the “Chemist” of cyber attacks


Edgar González confirmed that the surveys that put former mayor Benítez Torres among the best mayors in the country were paid

Mazatlán, Sin.- The mayor of Mazatlán, Edgar González Zatarain, assured that the recent accusations in social networks made against him are orchestrated by pages that were financed by the previous government headed by Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

He assured that nothing that is disseminated on social networks is real in relation to these publications, because with the work he has been doing at the head of the Commune, the interests of people who obtained money from the City Council in a bad way have been attacked.

“In politics in Mazatlán they cannot see someone work, because you have to see how we stop it, because they are afraid, I don’t know, that the port will develop or I don’t know what they really want, but in particular that does not matter to me. I always said that the lie comes in a very short journey, the lie is discovered very quickly,” he said.

He commented that they have “stepped on toes” by trying to correct many things, such as not allowing 4 million pesos a month of gasoline to be stolen and not allowing vehicle spare parts to be stolen.

“Our way of working has bothered many who were used to looting the City Hall, for example, one of those portals that appears to be in the payroll of the City Hall, soon we are going to make known that list of those who got paid that today are attacking through their fake portals, because they really use it to get paid,” said.

He pointed out that criticism is well received, but that does not mean that they will pay for “applauding” portals to exist, as was done with former mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, even if they are the ones who promote defamation and cyber-attacks.

He advanced that, in order to clarify all these situations, they have decided to deliver evidence and names of those who could be behind these portals to the cyber police, in order to stop the defamation, since to make claims, they must have proof and they don’t.

He also confirmed that the surveys that placed Benítez Torres among the best mayors in the country were paid and even those companies approached him to grant him recognition if he paid them to do so.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan