Spring is coming and with it 17 tourist cruises will arrive


MAZATLAN. – March is coming and this month, the Administration of the Mazatlan National Port System has already launched the calendar of arrivals of cruise ships that will arrive to discover the attractions of the destination and why not, return for more days in another vacation period.

The ASIPONA registered that 17 cruise ships come to Mazatlan throughout March, inaugurated on March 1 with the Carnival Panorama, a cruise that has not failed every Wednesday since the cruise season began.

This ship, on a regular basis, travels with approximately 5,781 people, between crew and passengers, considered one of the largest that it maintains among its routes to Mazatlán.

For the second week from March 6 to 12, four ships will arrive on the 7th and 8th, two for each day; the Discovery Princess, from the Princess Cruise line and the Celebrity Solstice, from the Celebrity Cruise line will arrive on March 7; On March 8, the Carnival Panorama of Carnival Cruise and the Royal Princess will arrive.

From March 13 to 19, four arrivals are also scheduled, one per day. On March 13, the Navigator of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean line will arrive; on March 14 the Celebrity Solstice will arrive; on March 15 the Carnival Panorama will enter; while the Norwegian Bliss will arrive on the 16th.

For the week of March 20 to 26, five ships will arrive to join the long weekend that we will have in Mexico for the birth of Benito Juárez, and it is precisely on Monday, March 20, that the Navigator of the Seas will arrive, which will join the economic benefit during this weekend.

On March 21 the Discovery Princess will arrive; Two ships will arrive on March 22, the Zaandam, from the Holland America Cruise line; and the Carnival Panorama, while on March 23 the Norwegian Bliss will enter the navigation channel.

From March 27 to 31, three cruise ships will arrive in Mazatlán, on the 29th and without missing once a week, the Carnival Panorama; Two ships will arrive on March 30, the Zaandam and the Norwegian Bliss.

According to ASIPONA itself, the cruise season decreases in April and although from time to time, at least one ship arrives in summer, the season would strengthen again until the months of September and/or October.

In January of this year, the general director of ASIPONA in Mazatlán, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infazón, of the total number of people who travel aboard a ship, just over 70 percent go down, which makes Mazatlán the destination where the most tourists come down from the boats to see.

At least for this 2023, the destination will have the visit of at least 142 cruise ships, the same ones that arrived during 2022, however, this year the forecast is that all cruise ships come at 100 percent of their capacity, between crew and passengers.

Source: Punto.mx