The dollar continues to rise, is sold at 19.93 pesos in banks in Mexico


Banxico publishes in the DOF that the exchange rate to solve operations payable in the country is located at 19.5775 pesos per dollar

This Thursday, in banks in Mexico City, the free dollar rose two cents compared to the previous close, it is sold at a maximum price of 19.93 pesos and is acquired at a minimum of 18.86 pesos.

According to Ci Banco, he starts a session that is very dependent on the general behavior of the dollar. The currency remains attentive to news on the political issue in the United States and the commercial conflict.

The financial institution added that it is likely that prior to the monetary policy decision of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) this day, the exchange rate will depreciate.

For its part, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) publishes in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) that the exchange rate to settle operations denominated in foreign currency payable in the country is located at 19.5775 pesos per dollar.

The Interbank Balance Interest Rates (TIIE) at 28, 91 and 182 days are located at 8.1625, 8.0150 and 7.8225, respectively, the first one with a loss of 0.005 percentage points and the others without changes.

Source: banxico

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