Contrary to USMCA, Mexico-Chile alliance celebrates 20 years


Héctor Echeverría, director of ProChile, said that Mexico and Chile have reached a trade exchange of up to 3,723 million dollars during the last 20 years, when the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force, in 1999.

Our country is the eighth trading partner of Chile, representing 2.46 percent of its trade last year, it is estimated that the commercial exchange grew on average 6.0 percent annually between 1999 and 2018. This agreement, contrary to the current situation of USMCA, which is at risk, lives one of its best stages.


Regarding exports, they rose 4.0 percent and imports rose to 8.0 percent during the same period.

Only in that year, the number of Chilean companies exporting goods and services increased by 1.0 percent, from 933 to 942. The representative of Chile said there is confidence that both countries will continue to grow. 

Héctor Echeverría said the agreement is one of the most modern and the governments of both countries work to make some adjustments and include issues related to intellectual property and drug patents.

This year marks 20 years of the alliance between the two countries, so Mexico will host the Mexico-Chile Business Meeting 2019 and will bring together about 160 businessmen from both countries to strengthen the existing commercial links.

Source: dineroenimagen

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