The largest shrimp cocktail in the world will be in Mazatlán


The assembly of the cocktail will be at the Convention Center, next Friday, February 3 from 4:00 p.m., with free admission for those who seek to witness the Guinness Record

MAZATLÁN.- To make clear that Mazatlán is the shrimp capital of the world, hoteliers, restaurants, the fishing sector and state and national authorities will seek to break the Guinness Record for the largest shrimp cocktail in the world.

The event will be called “Coctelazo Mazatlán 2023”, and will be held on Friday, February 3 at the Convention Center from 4:00 p.m., seeking to break the record of one and a half tons of cocktail, with the recipe registered by the international brand.

José Ramón Manguart, president of the 3 Islas Hotel Association, mentioned that the last time Mazatlán broke a record was in 2011, from there it was surpassed by Colombia and is currently held by Denver, Colorado.

“In 11 years, the main strengths of what tourists like are clear. The first, the second and the third have not moved because they are beaches, the boardwalk and gastronomy… for this reason, it is looking for the world record for the largest shrimp cocktail in the world,” he declared.

The shrimp will be put by the fishing sector of Mazatlán, it is about 1,800 kilos of shrimp with a measure of 26 to 31 millimeters; the chabela cup will have a measure of 2.25 cubic meters; in diameter will be 1.70 meters and a height of approximately 2.46 meters.

Do you want to know the recipe?

The recipe on which they will be base to make the shrimp cocktail is the one registered in the Guinness Book of Records, that is, a fresh cocktail, with ketchup, because it will preserve the essence of the mazatleco cocktail.

The recipe is:

250 liters of Catsup Sauce

1,800 kilos of cocktail shrimp

10 liters of Worcestershire Sauce

10 liters of Hot Sauce

10 liters of Tabasco Sauce

10 liters of Lemon Juice

30 liters of pineapple juice

30 liters of Orange Juice

3 kilos of salt

1 kilo of Black Pepper

20 kilos of white onion

50 kilos of tomato

2 kilos of garlic

60 kilos of lemon

500 grams of oregano

The doors of the Convention Center will be open to the public, for a capacity of at least 1,500 people who will be able to taste the result once it is registered and goes through the Guinness Record qualification.

“We have set ourselves the goal of what we did in 2011, which has the objective of promoting a native tourist that we have as a destination, which is gastronomy, also promoting our gastronomic value as a tourist asset, promoting Pacific shrimp as the best of the world and letting it known that Mazatlán has the most important fishing fleet in Latin America”, said Manguart Sánchez.

With this, he pointed out that they aim to generate an event with a positive global impact that makes our values known, that generates positive promotion of the destination, that strengthens the union of the sector and also fishing as a responsible industry.

In 2011, first record won

The president of the 3 Islas hotel association explained that the first time Mazatlán obtained the Guinness Record was in 2011, with a total of approximately 538.50 kg with the participation of sponsors and authorities.