Mazatlán will be position as a Craft beer destination


The four craft breweries in Mazatlán, Bichola, Navegante, Barraza and Tres Islas, are already in talks with the municipal authorities to carry out the first Beer Festival

MAZATLAN. – The four craft breweries of Mazatlán came together to plan a Beer Fest that could become a regional or national reference, with plans to promote it annually and continue the tradition of a tourist destination that has beer roots.

Alberto Chaparro Cano, Commercial and Marketing Manager of Cervecería Bichola, mentioned that the idea had already been presented to the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, but without a doubt, a Beer Fest would put Mazatlán in the eyes of beer world.

“With this we want to encourage the Mazatlan beer industry, to be a reference, the idea is that we are constant, every year with this event, also generate tourism, because there is specific tourism that moves between these festivals,” he said.

In Mexico there are more than 8 beer festivals, where national and international brands meet, beer tasters, brewers attend, in some even musical groups to attract more public.

For José María Enciso Tapia, brewmaster of Cervecería Navegante, Mazatlán has everything to reposition itself as a beer destination, because let’s remember that one of the most famous beers in the industry was born here, Cervecería Pacífico, therefore positioning itself as a destination for breweries crafts would give a plus to what is already offered.

“It would help both locals and people from abroad who are looking for beer and realize that we do exist and give Mazatlán that distinction of a beer city, let’s not forget that we have brewers roots and we need to resume what characterizes us,” he said.

Chaparro Cano explained that in approximately two weeks they would have confirmation of the Beer Fest Mazatlán, once they have met more times with SEDECTUR to find out a venue, what are the best dates and all the permits to be able to carry it out.

There are destinations such as Ensenada, which, in addition to being the well-known “wine route” has positioned itself as a “beer route”, and for the month of March, already annually, they hold this festival, managing to capture this specific type of tourism.

In Sinaloa there are at least 30 craft breweries, between Los Mochis, Culiacán and Mazatlán.