Sinaloa applies zero tolerance to drivers who tint the windows of their cars


The Municipal Road and Transit Unit has raised about 400 violations from January to date for using this material

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Around 400 infractions so far this year have lifted the Municipal Road and Transit Unit, since they began with the application of zero tolerance to drivers who bring polarized their cars.

The director of the Municipal Traffic and Transit Unit, Pánfilo Antonio Díaz Juárez, said that many of the drivers choose to carry polarized not allowed, of which they do not see even inland, so they are stopped and the fine applies.

“Motorists tend to polarize their glasses because of the heat, but there are some who do not notice the visibility neither from the inside nor from the inside, so this material must not violate the levels allowed in the Traffic regulations” …


“At the time they are stopped, the unit is not removed, but they are allowed to remove the dark film so as not to make the infraction, but the unit is never removed, which is very clear,” he emphasized.

He assured that any vehicle with dark material is infraccionado, but this if they refuse to remove the film, where the fine goes from 8 to 15 UMAS, that is, from 650 to thousand 230 approximately.

“Fortunately, there have been no reprisals, but they also have the error that they polarize it very dark, and that is not allowed,” he said.

For his part, the councilor of the PAS and also president of the Municipal Public Safety Commission, criticized the procedure and the way in which the preventive elements spend their energies, because more than prevention it is an act of annoyance for the citizens, because all bring an extreme polarized.

“You could call attention to the citizenship that brings an extreme polarized and avoid bothering other citizens who bring this material of less transparency” …

“I think that the elements of Municipal Transit are focusing their energies and effort badly to prevent crime, because if 100 cars, you only stop 2 or 3 units with polarized not allowed, it does not matter if there is a lot of investment in an operation of this type” , he asserted.

Source: reaccion informativa

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