Man refuses to have sex with 2 women who offered him 5 thousand pesos


A viral video showed how a man preferred to be faithful to his wife instead of accepting the offer of sex and money from two unknown women.

A man who refused to have sex with two women who offered him five thousand pesos became popular through a video on social networks

The video, recorded somewhere in Mexico from inside a car, shows how two women approach a man who was walking down the street, when one of them says “I want to pay a guy to have sex because my boyfriend is not here, he’s in Aguascalientes. ” 

After the man says he does not know anyone, the woman continues saying that “we want to pay you for having sex between my cousin and me.” 

When the man tells them again that he does do not know anyone, the same woman says ” cheer up, we are offering you five thousand pesos for both of us, it already includes the hotel, the dinner and all the booze you want”.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, the man rejects the offer again saying “no because I have my wife”.

Users on Twitter applauded the man’s position for proving to be faithful to his wife. 

Source: milenio

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