Sinaloa Governor secures more flights to Mazatlan from Canada


Governor Quirino Ordaz met with executives of the Sunwing and West Jet airlines, who he visited in March in Toronto

In the framework of the Tianguis Turístico México 2019, which takes place in Acapulco, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel completed the increase of flights from the Canadian airline Sunwing to Mazatlan, the only destination in Mexico that increased its itineraries for that airline. .

It should be noted that this was achieved in follow-up to the efforts made on March 5 in the promotion tour led by the governor of the state by Toronto, Canada, to promote more flights of West Jet and Sunwing airlines.

When the governor of the state met here in Acapulco with Erick Rodríguez, Vice President of Product Development of Sunwing Airlines, it was announced that there will be an increase in flights to Mazatlan, from Quebec, Ottawa and Regina, from those that already exist, as They are Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Saskatoon.

Then it means a very important increase, obviously it could not have been considered if it were not with the support of the governor of the state, obviously of all the hoteliers who work with us in Mazatlan. 

The executive of Sunwing Airlines.

In addition, he stressed that Mazatlan is the only destination in Mexico where Sunwing is considering an increase in flights, which is a very strong commitment in this destination, which is reflected in a commitment to the state, with the governor and hoteliers, the quality and level of satisfaction very high, because it is a very complete destination that has culture and beach.

For his part, Governor Quirino Ordaz described the announcement as great news and said he was pleased that Mazatlan is the only tourist destination nationwide that will grow with this company.

This will reinforce the presence of Canada in Mazatlan, in Sinaloa. This brings great benefits, economic benefits for the entire city, for the whole state because circuits are made, because people take a pneumonia or take a taxi, consume, eat, enjoy, enjoy and with all the support of the City in all services public is a team effort that will make more and more people come, enjoy and enjoy Mazatlan and Sinaloa. An important factor is security, the support that is being given to them and today Sinaloa is a state that generates that trust. Quirino Ordaz

In turn, the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who accompanied the state leader to the meetings, commented that Mazatlan is a fashionable destination, and said that the most important thing is that the governor has had the vision and willingness to support with everything to Mazatlan, in such a way that reaching this agreement with this tour operator group will benefit Mazatlan a lot. “My commitment is double, triple, give those who come a clean Mazatlan, a safe Mazatlan, a Mazatlan that has many amenities for them,” he said.

After this meeting with Sunwing, Governor Ordaz Coppel spoke with Walfred Castro, Director of Corporate Communication of Viva Aerobús, who notified him of the opening of the Mazatlán-Tijuana route, starting on June 8, which is added to the route Los Mochis-Monterrey, which opened last week.

With this, there are already 11 routes that Viva Aerobús offers to different destinations from Sinaloa, an amount that represents 10 percent of the total flights in the national territory.

Previously, the governor of the state held a second meeting with Dave Cecco, product manager for West Jet Vacations and Swoop Airlines, who visited at its headquarters on March 5 in Toronto. Later, the governor met with Julián Balbuena, president of Best Day, who pledged to increase the hotel promotion investment for both Mazatlan and other destinations such as Culiacán.

In these meetings the governor was accompanied by the secretary of Tourism, Óscar Pérez Barros, as well as by the mayors of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro; by Salvador Alvarado, Carlo Mario Ortiz; from Angostura, Aglaee Montoya and from Mocorito, Jesús Guillermo Galindo, as well as El Fuerte, Nubia Ramos Carbajal.

Sunwing Airlines flights

Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal, New destinations of origin, Ottawa / Quebec, Regina, Flight period: November to April and flights in figures

⁃ Expands from 6 to 9 flights per week

⁃ Each flight represents 189 seats

⁃ In six months, they represent more than 40 thousand flight seats

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post