Ajijic’s Camaleon Bar will celebrate 50th anniversary of Woodstock festival


Music, muralism, mezcal tastings, tequila, costume contest, and German-style barbecue are some of the surprises that are prepared for the tribute.

During Saturday and Sunday (August 17 and 18), the bar located in the central area of ​​Ajijic will “revive” the successes of Richie Havens, Carlos Santana, Janis Joplin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and more. Free admission.

Arturo D. Ortega / Domingo M. Flores. – With music, muralism, mezcal tastings, tequila, costume contest and barbecue in German-style, and with a very personal style, “El Camaleon Bar” seeks to pay tribute to Woodstock, the mythical massive rock festival that changed the way we see and appreciate the groupings.

It will be two days of music and art; Three local groups will play the songs played by Richie Havens, Carlos Santana, Janis Joplin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and more, at the music festival, 50 years ago.

In addition, there will be an exhibition during the event and two muralists will paint bards from the bar located in the downtown area of ​​Ajijic. The celebration will be inaugurated on Saturday, August 17 from four in the afternoon and will continue in the afternoon and evening of Sunday 18, although this last day an open forum will be left for musicians to play a “palomazo”.

On Saturday, “the mere day” of the festival, a tasting of tequila and different varieties of cocktails will be offered at the bar and at night there will be a contest where the best hippie costume will be awarded.

The “Love and Peace” festival was originally held on a 250-hectare farm in Bethel Sullivan County, in the state of New York. More than half a million people arrived at the place! During the three days of the musical festival, which, like the arrival of man on the moon, in 1969, marked history.

For its part, “El Chameleon Bar” with its festival in 2019, seeks to pay tribute to those who have already made history.

Date: August 17 and 18.

Time: Starting at 4:00 pm.

Place: The Chameleon (Constitution 29).

Free admission.

Reports and reservations at 33 27 99 79 35. There is VIP Zone

History of El Camaleón Bar

The bar located in the center of town and has over two decades of uninterrupted service

It was the year of 1995 when a group of artists from Guadalajara led by Germán Adolfo Villa Guzmán decided to seek the tranquility of a town to set up their art workshop, which ended up being the well-known El Camaleón bar.

Raquel Márquez, originally from Ajijic, told the group of friends the proposal of a house that was rented in Marcos Castellanos # 2 of the riverside population.

“The location, the price, the weather, the tranquility and that it was in Ajijic was the best for an art workshop,” recalled the painter in an interview with Semanario Laguna on the balcony on the second floor of the Bar.

Months later Adolfo Villa, who is a thin and short man, known by his friends as “Fito”, received the offer to rent the bar that had been abandoned for more than a year. The place had a bar, many cobwebs and a door in Constitution # 29, he said.

He recalled, with a look of longing, that his brother Pepe came up with “The House of the Chameleon” “and we all liked it”. Thus, the bar found the name by which it has been known for two decades.

The day he met the entire property enjoyed the company of a chef and his friend, there was born the idea of ​​creating a Restaurant – Bar – Gallery joining the tastes and passions that Fito had.

The time and economic ups and downs suffered by La Casa del Camaleón led him to stop selling food by changing, his name only to Bar-Gallery. The place has maintained its original concept for more than 17 years, with presentations by local artists among which Isidro Xilonzochitl “El Chivo”, Francisco González, Antonio López Vega and painters from Guadalajara stand out as: Baldo Pulido and Roberto Pulido as well as artists from other states of the republic.

Fito’s passion for art also reflected her by supporting the musical groups that were on their way to success. “The best concerts have been from Jamaican groups, from Guadalajara and the same Charales-k from the riverside, ” the owner acknowledged with a smile.

In 2005, a tempting offer caused a foreigner named Buddy to be rented for a year. At the end of that time, there was the idea of ​​transferring it, but for one thing or another, the business returned to the hands of its legitimate and sole owner Adolfo Villa.

Today, against all odds the Camaleón survives to open the doors for people who are customers of years, as well as those who take the time to enjoy a drink and enjoy painting, sculpture, and music among other surprises that come to the place.

At the end of the Fito talk, as he is known by the locals, he said: “I thank all the people who have somehow been involved in the project for almost twenty years now, and invite them to keep coming because they are part of this story.”

Bar El Camaleon

Source: semanario laguna

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